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Hardtop manufacturer for the pickup market

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We have been constantly improving our products
for over 40 years adapting to customer's needs.

The Road Ranger brand was established in the 1970s. At that time, we were the first and only company in Europe manufacturing hardtops for pickups and camping hardtops for open-platform cars.

The Road Ranger brand consists of a group of companies known as Dr. Höhn Group, which includes the following: 

Dr. Höhn GmbH based in Ingelfingen, Germany – sales to Western European markets;

Dr Höhn Sp. z o.o. – factory manufacturing Road Ranger products located in Ostroda, Poland;

MKT Car Technik Sp. z o.o. based in Ostroda, Poland – sales to other markets.

40 years of market presence
12000 hardtops annually production
48 distributors around the world
180 qualified employees


Read the latest information on the Road Ranger brand and the offroad and 4x4 accessories industry.

New product line Camp Ranger

New product line Camp Ranger

Camp Ranger – new product's line

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Contest results

Contest results

We have finished the contest, the winner is the author of this photo.

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Road Ranger jacket to win!

Road Ranger jacket to win!

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