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Installation of Road Ranger hardtop.


1 min + movie

Szymon Ponichtera


Installation of Road Ranger hardtop.


Do it yourself and install the Road Ranger hardtop yourself. It is not a complicated task and if someone follows the instructions for use - it should not be a problem.

Installation of Road Ranger hardtop.

As a manufacturer, we recommend installation in a specialized workshop, and the best choice is an authorized station of a specific brand. Always consult your vehicle service consultant about the impact of the mounted accessories on the vehicle warranty. The hardtop installation itself is non-invasive, however, if the electronic harness is connected for the LED interior light, the rear door heating, or the rear door lock  integration with the car's central locking system, it requires interference in the vehicle's electronics, which may cause short-circuits or incorrect operation of the electronics in case of improper connection. what the vehicle guarantor can consider as a sufficient reason for the loss of the car's warranty.


The correct instalation of the hardtop is described in more detail in this post.


Traditionally, in the DIY section, I invite you to watch the movie (assembly on the Nissan Navara NP300), which you will launch by clicking here.