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Gravity sensor replacement


1 min + movie

Szymon Ponichtera


Gravity sensor replacement


Do it yourself and replace the gravity sensor in Road Ranger hardtop. The replacement of the sensor can be made by one person.

Gravity sensor replacement

The gravity sensor is responsible for automatically switching on and off the internal LED light. The lamp turns on when the tailgate is lifted up, and switch off after a few / several seconds after closing. If you suspect damage to the sensor, first check the position of the light switch, which, like in cars, can be set to turn off, on or automatic at the opening. The sensor will only work at the automatic position. Depending on the hardtop model, the sensor can be located in two places. On models with a glass rear door (without ABS frame) it is located in the upper part of the rear door, under the plastic cover, while in models with glass rear door installed in the ABS frame, the sensor is located in the bottom part, in the lock area.


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