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226 mm Twin Drawer


226 mm Twin Drawer


Gearmate’s range of drawers revolutionise your load space. Items can be stored safely and efficiently, ideal for professional and leisure use.

All Gear Drawers have an incredible 100% extension, enabling quick and easy access to all your items. Each drawer system comes fitted with dividers to ensure your load stays secure and organised, saving you time from needlessly searching.

Twin drawer is a part of Gearmate's truck bed organisers, which can be freely modified, i.e. assembling all parts according to infividual needs. 

Dimensions: 1030 x 1345 x 226 mm (W/D/H)

Internal dimensions: Twin - 399 x 1300 x 135 mm (W/D/H)

75 kg capacity / 200 kg deck capacity

Stackable with other parts of the Gearmate's system. The perfect set is combined with the Gearslide Top (GM4340/E).







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