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Replacement of the gasket under Road Ranger hardtop


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Szymon Ponichtera


Replacement of the gasket under Road Ranger hardtop


Today we are starting a new category of blog posts where we will describe simple operations for replacing the components of Road Ranger hardtops. In most cases, these will be short descriptions and a link to our YouTube channel where you can find the video showing how to disassemble and reassemble the specific part.

Replacement of the gasket under Road Ranger hardtop

Coming back to the replacement of gasket under the hardtop...


The gasket, referred to as the micro-rubber, is a polyethylene foam with adhesive on one side. The micro-rubber is applied to the angle sections (in the bottom part) on which the hardtop is seated. This results in additional sealing of the joint between the hardtop and the truck bed panels and additional protection of the painted surface (the paint is previously protected with a transparent film). A new Road Ranger hardtop comes with the gasket applied to it so you do not have to apply it on your own. After the first installation and clamping the clips, the hardtop will be seated on the micro-rubber which will accommodate and seal the joint.


The durability of the micro-rubber depends on the conditions under which the vehicle is used, but you can assume that it is approx. 5 years. After this period, you should check the gasket and replace it with a new one if necessary, i.e. when the gasket has hardened and/or begins to crack. The replacement of the gasket is also recommended when you remove and reinstall the hardtop. Of course, we are talking about the occasional removal of the hardtop.

To replace the gasket, you should first remove the hardtop. To do so, unfasten the wiring harness and remove the clamps. Place the hardtop with the roof down on a soft and non-scratching surface. It should be possible to tear the gasket off manually. Otherwise, use a sharp tool. Then, remove the adhesive residues, degrease the surface and apply a new micro-rubber. Reinstall the hardtop on the vehicle, position it properly and check whether the rear door closes and opens with no problem. If the door does not close properly, check once again the position of the entire hardtop – for the correct installation, see this post; close the mounting clamps in accordance with the instructions, connect the electrical socket and the work is done.



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