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New product line Camp Ranger


Camp Ranger – new product's line

Today the mode of travelling and going to various places has completely changed. These activities have become full of dangers, restrictions, prohibitions and obligations. To cater for the current situation on the market, we have created the Camp Ranger brand. We recommend products from this line to people who value independence, comfort and ease. Presented below are the latest accessories for pick-up owners.


The set includes a spacious tent and comfortable, high-quality mattress. The main advantages of both these products is their ease of storage and cleaning. Packed in a handy bag, the tent may be easily stowed away behind the seat, and the harmonica-like mattress may be placed on the truck bed, thus saving maximum space for all other baggage items. The mattress is made of 6-centimetre hardened upholstering foam, and the external layer is covered with a pleasant-to-touch material resistant to adverse weather conditions. During the day it may be used as a sofa, while in the evening it can be unfolded, whereby changing the cargo section of your truck into a bedroom. The mattress dimensions: 200 cm long and 120 cm wide allow for peaceful, good night’s sleep. The tent weighs only 2 kg, and may be easily unfolded and folded in just 2 minutes.


The Camp Ranger products offer an alternative to the expensive rental of campervans and trailer caravans. They are great for both long journeys and short weekend trips. You can take and mount it anywhere: traditionally at a camping site, at the shore of a lake during a fishing trip or completely spontaneously in the back of beyond. Travelling is safe, and you can enjoy maximum space and comfort. You can spend your holiday without staying in crowded guest houses and hotels, without queueing and without hurrying to meet the check-in or check-out times at the holiday resort.

Our offer is addressed mostly to active people, enthusiasts of sports, sightseeing or mountain trips, as well as hunters and anglers. Our accessories work well during long escapades, as well as during a short sailing or fishing getaway and may be used by virtually anybody: a photographer working on an outdoor session or a family with kids. Amateurs of water sports may turn it into a changing room, so that when they get out of the water they have a place to change, warm themselves or simply get some rest from the sun and wind. Both the tent and the mattress in no way limit the total loading capacity of the truck. When you change your truck into a bedroom at night, you can store your baggage and