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Mattress Pickup 110 cm


Mattress Pickup 110 cm


Don’t have any ideas for your holiday? Afraid of restrictions related to the current situation? We have an alternative for all those who want to avoid crowded beaches and guest houses but, at the same time, rest safely and comfortably, without spending a fortune on renting a trailer caravan.

We offer you a comfortable mattress which, when paired with a tent (ET710244), will change the truck bed of your pick-up into a place for sleeping and resting. What’s so special about us?

  1. Foldable mattress that can be easily turned into a sofa during the day;
  2. Ease of storage (mattress weighs only 5 kg).
  3. Full independence during your holidays – you travel anywhere and at any time, without worrying about space limits or check-in and check-out times.

Treat yourself and your family to an active and safe rest.


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