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Road Ranger hardtop optional equipment


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Szymon Ponichtera

Road Ranger hardtop optional equipment


In this post, I will present the options which you can add to the order for your Road Ranger hardtop. To see the list of options, click ADD EXTRAS in the product data sheet at www.en.roadranger.pl . There, you can also select the options to be added to your order.


Road Ranger hardtop optional equipment

Having said that, it should be mentioned that the vast majority of individual customers, as opposed to the fleet customer, choose the catalogue version of the product, i.e. standard hardtop equipment. There may be two reasons for that: either they do not attach significant importance to product personalisation before purchase because they do not have such a need or they have no idea that such an opportunity is possible, i.e. they were not informed by the salesman. Regardless of the reasons, we inform you that:


Road Ranger offers you the opportunity to order the options described below, and thus to personalise the product being ordered.


Undoubtedly, this is an advantage of our factory and distinguishes our products form the competition. I am writing this because a large number of hardtops offered on the European market are imported from abroad, mainly from the Far East. Local distributors order finished products, or products just to be painted– all of this to ensure that the customer does not have to wait a few months for a personalised product. As the Road Ranger factory is located in Ostroda (Poland), we are able to manufacture even a personalised order within 2 or 3 weeks and deliver it to any European customer within the next few days. This means that our offer gives demanding customers what they will not find with other suppliers.

Moving on to the available options for Road Ranger hardtops, I will start with the most popular one:



Roof bars



In the latest RH04 and RH05 models, we use roof bars. This is our proprietary solution, made specially for Road Ranger. At the production stage, the flat longitudinal rails are installed on the left and right hand side of the hardtop roof and they are used to mount the cross bars. When the clips are loosened, the roof bars can be moved on the these rails. In this way, you can change the position of the bars to decrease or increase the distance between them. If necessary, you can remove them at any time, leaving the longitudinal rails only.



Solid/unglazed rear door



Most of the Road Ranger hardtops have glass rear door as a standard. Some of the older hardtops are available with a solid rear door, but new RH04 and RH05 models provide this option without exceptions. This is possible due to the new rear doors in our hardtops, which were introduced while changing pickup models in 2015-2016. The door is no longer made mostly of glass, which was the load-bearing element in old models. It was replaced by the window in a thermoformed ABS frame, which - let me add by the way - in addition to the purely visual values, increases the life of the rear door and protects the window from damages caused by overloads in the case of incorrect hardtop installation. For more information on this, see this post. The frame makes it possible to use a thermoformed ABS insert in place of the glass. The insert is black and imitates glass to some extent. I must add here that when you select the hardtop’s solid rear door, another option is made available: the black insert can optionally be painted in the colour of the hardtop/bodywork. It must also be mentioned that the selection of the solid rear door means you do not need to cut the window hole in the front hardtop wall.



Painted side flaps (applies to Profi version)

The Profi version is characterised by non-glazed side flaps made of black thermoformed ABS. By default, black material is used and it can be optionally painted in the hardtop/bodywork colour. Of course, if the user would like a black hardtop and white flaps, it is no problem. At this point, it should be added that the surface of ABS material used in the production of side flaps and solid rear door inserts is not smooth and has the orange peel structure. When painted, the material structure is still visible.



Gravity roof vent




Another option is the gravity ventilator. As the name suggests, it is not a mechanical ventilator, but it allows air circulation, particularly in combination with hinged or sliding side windows or a sliding bulkhead window. When the windows are opened/tilted, the air movement inside the hardtop increases. It is an ideal solution for the owners of small pets transported on the truck bed.



Sliding or fixed bulkhead window


Most Road Ranger hardtops feature a sliding window in the front panel, but there are also models with a fixed window, i.e. a window not opened in any way, in the basic version. If someone needs extra air circulation and/or would like to be able to clean the cab’s rear window, the sliding window will undoubtedly be a good choice.



Solid front panel (no window)



A solution used for example in fleet orders or service cars where the bulkhead window is of no importance as the entire truck bed is enclosed and nothing can be seen in the rear-view mirror. Despite the simplicity from not having to cut the window hole, the solid panel is an optional feature. It should be mentioned that when the hardtop’s solid rear door is selected, the bulkhead window is not used.



LED working headlight



As a standard, Road Ranger hardtops are provided with LED interior lighting. In most cases, the lamp is connected with the gravity sensor in the flaps so the lamp goes on when the flap is raised and goes out within a few seconds after it is closed. For more demanding customers, it is possible to order an extra LED headlight, which is mounted on the rotary holder inside the hardtop (to the interior side of the roof). This allows the user to point the strong and bright light in any direction, e.g. onto the truck bed, or illuminate the work field near the vehicle. The headlight switch is located in an easily accessible place, i.e. on the internal side panel. 



Washable coating inside the hardtop


The Road Ranger hardtops (with a few exceptions) are covered with the interior upholstery. Some customers, e.g. hunters, wish to have an easily washable surface rather than upholstery as it may absorb unpleasant odours and washing and drying it may be troublesome. The solution is to apply a washable surface. We often use the topcoat, which can be cleaned wet without problem. Also, Raptor or Line-x polyurethane sprays are of help, and they are used as an alternative to the polyethylene bedliner on the truck bed. It should be added that not every hardtop version may be provided with such a surface, as it depends on the volume and location of supply electricity.


So we have now waded through most of the available options an individual customer can add when ordering the Road Ranger hardtop. For fleet orders, the product is usually tailored to the order specifications, i.e. precisely defined requirements or expectations for the product. The hardtop is then considerably different from the catalogue product.

Now you know that if you need a product other than the catalogue one, the Road Ranger brand comes to help you.