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Pickup truck for a hunter. What does the market offer?


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Szymon Ponichtera

Pickup truck for a hunter. What does the market offer?


They operate in the field. They need space for both their equipment and the hunted game. There are over 100,000 of them. And that is why hunters constitute the potential target group for pickup trucks. We will check the accessories that might prove helpful.

Pickup truck for a hunter. What does the market offer?

According to the Central Statistical Office, in 2015, the 2,554 hunting clubs associated over 118,000 registered hunters, more than 2,000 in the previous year. The number of hunters continues to grow  (in 2000 there were over 100,000 hunters), therefore it can be presumed that their number is currently close to or higher than 120,000. No wonder that both dealers of individual brands and importers have prepared special offers for hunters, which frequently rely on pickup trucks. Why? The answer is simple, a pickup truck is ideal for driving in light terrain and has enough cargo space to accommodate the necessary equipment and carry the hunted game.


In my previous posts I have repeatedly mentioned that a pickup without additional accessories is not as practical as it may seem. We have a large cargo space, but that is all. Can you imagine what will happen if you put your equipment “onboard” that will not fill it completely but, for example, take about 20-30% of the floor area? It is normal that without securing this load, it will move in every direction during transport, which can ultimately lead to its damage. I will not even mention the fact that without any construction bodywork will get wet during rainfall. You can find more about this topic in this entry.


Returning to the vehicle itself and the accessories within. Choosing a pickup truck is a very subjective matter, each one has to make a decision which will depend on the size of one’s wallet, driving experience, fuel consumption, off-road capabilities, ergonomics, etc. Therefore, I have no intention to suggest in any way what model you should focus on. It does not matter what brand the pickup will be, Road Ranger has in its offer products tailored to most models and, furthermore, in the offer  you will find universal accessories that will surely fit, regardless of the brand.




High hardtop.

I do not think you need to convince anyone that the truck bed should be roofed. To all those who would like to keep the shape of a pickup truck and mount, at most, a tonneau cover or a roll cover, I must inform you that limited height may be a problem when carrying higher loads. In such a situation, high hardtop will work perfectly. Of course, Road Ranger tonneau covers can be easily removed leaving only the mounting frame, but you have to go back to the place where you left the cover to re-attach it. As for the roll cover, you can roll (open) it and then transport a higher load, however, there may be a problem if you want to mount a cargo space winch, which is usually mounted to the cross-beam or to a plate fastened on the front wall of the truck bed. The winch should be mounted at an appropriate height, which will interfere with the blind cassette located near the vehicle cabin.

Returning to the hardtop, this is an optimal choice, because on the one hand you have a roofed space for equipment, on the other – you have an abundance of space for mounting other accessories. Road Ranger gives you the opportunity to personify the product, which is why everyone can tailor it to their needs. A useful option for hunters is to replace the interior upholstery with a washable surface. If soiled, you can wash the load area using pressurized water. More about personification of Road Ranger products you can find in this entry.


Cargo space winch

A winch combined, for example, with a transport tank and an aluminum ramp or multiramp will allow you to draw the hunted game or other heavy objects into the cargo space.


Aluminum ramp or multiramp

Helpful when pulling heavy equipment with a winch. A multiramp can also be used to protect the extended load transported with an open tailgate.


Weapon drawer

A very useful accessory that will allow you to safely transport your weapon. Drawer closed with a key, lined with foam inserts.


Dog cage

Many hunters take their dogs to hunt, thus the need to prepare a suitable place for them. The cage is the perfect solution for this.


Water canister

After a successful hunt, it is good to wash your hands and shoes, hence a canister with water and a 12V pump are nowadays frequently selected by hunters.


Click this link to go to our film presenting the hunter's equipment.